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BELGRAVIA & CO. has many years of practical experience in company valuations following international standards. When carrying out valuations, not only do we use recognised theoretical company valuation concepts (DCF, capitalised earnings value), but we also enhance the valuation process by applying market and transaction-orientated methods (multiples).
We provide our Clients with support and advice in the following valuation scenarios:
  • Determining purchase price ranges for acquisitions or divestments
  • Valuing company shareholdings, e.g. in the context of shareholder entry or exits or in the context of MBO’s/MBI’s
  • Valuing a company in the context of a capital increase
  • Valuing growth companies
  • Valuation verification for intra-group transactions
  • Expert valuation opinions, fairness opinions for closely-held companies, banks, investors, corporations and courts of law
  • Elaboration of smart purchase or sale strategies

Typical activities include: 
  • Preparation and documentation of the business plan
  • Consideration of relevant value drivers
  • Preparation and documentation of a market oriented valuation
  • Comparison of different valuation models
  • Preparation of valuation opinions and fairness opinions
  • Compilation of relevant value drivers (or inhibitors)